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I finally, after at least a month, had a dream about Daniel Johns!

Okay, okay, okay so it went like this:

I was at the hospital with my family for one reason or another that doesn't even matter and we were on our way out. I get off the elevator on the first floor and there parked in a chair next to the door is, yup, you guessed it Daniel Johns (thinking back on it, I do wonder why he was there). Paul mac was next to him but that's irrelevant.

Daniel was in the same outfit from my fave rove interview he did with Paul. And as I was getting closer to the door I kept looking at him and going to myself: "He looks familiar." "Why is he wearing that outfit?". He looks like..." And Daniel's starting at me the whole time like yes bitch it's me. XD

Finally it clicks in my brain that it is fucking Daniel Fucking Johns and then I insta look away like I shouldn't be looking at him. I don't have the right despite spending hours and hours staring at his photos all the time.

Yet and still I continue on walking (idk where my fam has gone, they were no longer a factor after I seen Daniel anyway.) and every few seconds I'm looking back at him like "fuck, I shoulda said something! anything!" and every time I look back Daniel's staring at me.

I stop and just stare finally, and he gets out of the chair and comes to the glass next to the door and presses his hands against the glass, staring at me with his lips slightly parted. *fangirls, you know the look X3*

And I can hear his voice in my head: "Go on, wave at me. You know you want to."

So I do and it starts slow but in the next second I'm waving quite fast and he says: "Don't wave like you're desperate." in a sort of agitated tone and I get all blushy and embarrassed.

Eventually he comes out of the hospital and the beanie was gone revealing the hawk he sexy....and he had on a big baggy black jacket that was orange inside and some baggy blue jeans. (don't ask because idk why he changed clothes, dream logic) He was walks up to me, yes still staring with that sexy face, and gives me a hug! YES! DANIEL JOHNS FUCKING TOUCHED ME! And I realize how weird that sounds.

So for a moment we were kinda stood there with his arm around my lower back and he was staring back inside at Paul Mac and I'm leaning away from him a bit taking in his profile, so perf, and going "it's really him!." "Is this really happening?" and other fangurlly stuff in my head and he looks down at me and that's all I remember.

OMG...what if he was gonna kiss me?! GAAAAHHHH I'm dead. I'm literally dead, I'm tying this from the grave.

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Daniel's voice
  • Reading: Daniel's eyes
  • Watching: Daniel's face
  • Drinking: Shasta california Dreamin'


Skarlet Rox
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
-hates the world but loves my friends, dun like it suck on a sour lemon

-likes to make people laugh in anyway i can, very random person

-likes to du things on the spur of the moment

-hates being told what i can't do

-will choose writing fiction stories over drawing anyway. have been at it since i was in 6th grade and only getting better even if i dun think so sumtimes, looking to be published sum day

-occasionally gets in shitty moods so heads up

-likes taken pics people think i should trash, hate "pretty/perfect" ones of meh unless stated that i like it

-hates being called by birthname call meh Dezzie, Roxy, Rajani, Riley, Ronnie, Ryan, Sonny, hell you can even call meh Lucifer (as i did tell my 6th grade teacher i was Satan's daughter and she told my mother what i said although i didn't mean my mom i meant the actual man himself) if you want, just dun call meh by my government
Exclusion: Mother n sum friends

-no i dun believe in god anymore but if u think i worship the Devil then ur making an ass of urself not meh

-loves Jeff Hardy to death, as i've told Khana i dun care if he was a homeless bum on the street i wouldn't love him any less

-fascinated with death, afterlife, paranormal, supernatural, reincarnation

-sugar makes meh very goofy

-dislikes being called pretty, knows this is not such, low sef-esteem granted n dun care who knows

-owns two BJDs: a 61cm Achernar Dim Love Doll that ive named Devillian Deville and a 12cm bobby dika doll tiny named Nickolai aka Nico

-owns one reborn baby doll named Chase



-Silverchair and Alice in Chains plague my life

-Favorite Youtube Gamers: Markiplier, Yamimash, TheOfficialEdge, SeaPeeKay,

if i can think of sum else to put up i will update it...other things bout meh is in my first journal entry, check it out if u must know

Current Residence: imag-i-nation
Print preference: BIG BAYBEE!
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, metal, alternative and whatever else sound gud to meh
Favourite style of art: all kinds
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse!
Personal Quote: "that's too much work."

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